BMW Motorrad Club Quebec inc.

The official constitution of the club dates back to November 29, 1982. Our official legislation and our influence is across Quebec.

We are the only official club recognized by BMW Clubs Canada (BMW CC) and BMW Germany (BMW AG) in Quebec.

As a result, we are the only French-speaking BMW club in America. Also, we are affiliated with BMW Motorcycles Owners of America (MOA) under number 86, an organization bringing together all BMW motorcyclists in North America. Besides that, we have members from Quebec who are also members of our neighboring club: Motorcycle Owner Vermont (MOV). Which therefore extends our reach beyond Quebec.

On the financial side, we are a non-profit organization (NPO) which aims: mutual aid, friendly meetings, the improvement of its members in riding their motorcycle, improvement in mechanics by offering advice in order to carry out certain basic maintenance, improvement in emergency medical care by offering a clinical first aid workshop, and other training exclusive to members. This is without counting all the exclusive discounts from our member benefits plan from the partners who support the club.

The 2024 administrative council and operational contacts by region

  • Lucie Veilleux

    President & Registrar


    Eastern Township
    and Eeyou Istchee Baie-James

  • Jeannot Gagnon

    Vice President, Event Coordinator


    Quebec, Charlevoix, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and Côte-Nord

  • Sylvianne Chartrand



    Centre-du-Québec, Mauricie and Lanaudière

  • Philippe Veilleux

    Secretary, IT & AGM Club Canada


    Laval, Montreal and Montérégie

  • Michael Jean

    Member benefits relationist


    Central Quebec

  • Victor Adascalitei

    Marketing, graphic design & website management


    Montérégie and Laurentides

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Distribution of members by tourist region of Quebec

Word from the president

Dear motorcycle enthusiasts,

It's the long-awaited moment when the excitement of the road, the roar of engines and the camaraderie of enthusiasts come together. As president of our club, I am honored to welcome you all to this new chapter full of adventures.

We have worked hard to put together a program of varied activities and we are counting on your participation to express your gratitude. Your advance registrations greatly help us in planning events. Together, let's make this motorcycle season a memorable chapter in our adventure book.

I would like to express my gratitude to each of you for your involvement and support, which contributes to an active club that stands out.

The adventure begins with us!

Lucie Veilleux

User-friendliness policy

At all times, activities take place in a friendly and respectful environment so as to project a good image of motorcyclists.

On social networks, discussions are constructive on subjects of common interest. Hateful or disrespectful remarks towards other members or towards our sponsor partners are not tolerated. Any posts that administrators deem inappropriate will be removed.

During Club activities, the role of the "leader" of a group is to inform participants about the type of hike planned. Not knowing the level of all the participants, the leader is not responsible for unforeseen events that may arise during a hike. Thus, depending on their level of experience and their ability to follow the group, it is up to the participants to choose whether or not to be part of the group.

The members of the Administrative Council (AC) are volunteers who act to the best of their knowledge in all situations that may present themselves to them, both at the administrative level and during events.

Administrators may suspend or expel any member who commits an act deemed harmful or who engages in conduct likely to harm the organization. (Organizational Bylaws Charter NO.2013-1, Clause 3.03 Disciplinary Measures).


Your membership releases BMW Motorrad Club Québec inc. (the Club) and the organizers of any liability for bodily injury (including car or motorcycle accident), damage to material or other property, theft or loss of any property belonging to, or in the custody of, the signatory or any other person accompanying him. By completing your membership form, you have read the regulations, in particular those concerning the behavior of members (below), you undertake to respect them and you recognize the right of the Club to refuse your request, to expel you or to suspend your membership if you do not respect these regulations. Administrators may provide your email address to partners who support the club so that you are eligible for "member benefits" resulting from membership in BMW Motorrad Club Québec inc.

Your registration condition is valid for the current calendar year, i.e. from the date of registration until December 31. Registrations received after October 15 will be valid for the current year and the following calendar year.

If an activity is subject to payment in advance, no refund will be made, regardless of the cause. If you wish to cancel your participation, you must find a replacement among the club members and be reimbursed by the latter. However, if an activity must be canceled by the Club your deposit will be refunded.


Member behavior

When you take part in Club activities or when you carry the Club standard, you agree to:

1 - Social behavior capable of promoting good understanding and cordiality.

2 - Do not use any drugs.

3 - Consume alcoholic beverages only in reasonable quantities.

4 - Obey the laws and edicts of the places where you are during the activities.

5 - During outings, you must respect the instructions of the escorts at the front and rear of the group to ride safely.

6 - Protect the environment.

7 - Act at all times in such a way as to create a good image as a motorcyclist.


Extract from the statutes and regulations of BMW Motorrad Club Québec inc.